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Complete List of our personalized books and personalized music CDs

Personalized Childrens Music CDs from the Kid's Juke Box, Mediak, Marvel Heros for Kids and Care Bear Collections. The biggest and Best Collection around!

Create-A-Book® Books allow your child to become the star of the story!  From the moment the child realizes the story is about him or her, the magic begins!  Each hard cover book has a wipe-clean cover and is sure to be a keepsake! 

Best Personalized Books® includes personalized stories with the world's most popular trade-marked characters and your child. Let your child star with their favorite TV and movie characters like Sesame Street (©2007 Sesame Workshop), Spiderman and X-man (©Marvel Characters), Batman and Superman (©DC Comics), Scooby Doo (© Hanna-Barbera) and more.

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The magic begins when your child opens one of our personalized children's books         Personalized childrens books make reading fun. Make your child the star of the story.

Personalized Kid's Music CDs

Disney Princess Tea Party
Sing Along With Elmo and Friends
Sing Along with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy
Sing Along with VeggieTales
Silly Songs with VeggieTales
Party with The Wiggles
Barney Music For Me
The Wubbles Adventure
Spider-Man and You Music CD
Fantastic 4 and You Music CD
You are an Angel (Lullaby CD)
Fun Time Nursery Rhymes Music CD
You Can Do Anything Music CD
You're A Winner
You are My Friend Music CD
Sing Your Name - Music For Me
Kids Juke Box - Music For Me
A Full Day of Adventure
Personalized For Preschool
Express to Song City
Animals are My Best Friends
Animals Love Me
Let's Play and Learn
My Very Own Music CD
Spanish My Very Own Music CD
French My Very Own Music CD
Sports Broadcast CDs
Love Songs 4 You
Sung to Woman with Man's Voice

Love Songs 4 You
Sung to Man with Woman's Voice

Personalized Christian Music CDs

Jesus Loves You
Christian Music For Me CD
I'm a Soldier
The Promise
God Is Mighty
Joyfully Alive
In the Spirit
River of Life

Personalized Holiday Music CDs

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Your Birthday!
My Very Own Christmas
Celebrating Jesus
How I Saved Christmas - Audio Story CD
Christmas Is Coming - Audio Story CD
My Magical Christmas Adventure - Audio Story CD
My Chanukah

Interactive Story Book CDs

My Day With Spider-Man
My Day With the Fantastic Four
My Pet Dinosaur
My Neptune Voyage
My Lucky Leprechaun
My Day at the Peek-a-Zoo

Personalized DVDs

Silly Songs with Veggie Tales
Half Size Heros - The Wubbles Adventure
You Can Do Anything
Jesus Loves You

Personalized DVDs with Child's Photo

Care Bears: Fitness Is Funtastic
Care Bears Winter Adventures: I Can Do Anything!
Precious Moments: “Our Angel Saves the Day”
Gregory and Me: See What I Can Do!
Gregory and Me: Amazing Animal Adventure
Snow White
Little Mermaid
Turbo Kid
The Incredible Adventures of Amazing Kid
My Dream Book
Our Love Story
The Incredible Adventures of Amazing Dad

Music CDs For Grown-ups
Sports Broadcast CDs.
Love Songs 4 You
Sung to Woman with Man's Voice

Love Songs 4 You
Sung to Man with Woman's Voice

Personalized Books For Babies

My Baby Book
Baby's Create-A-Book
Special Delivery
The Sibling Book
No More Diapers
Elmo and Zoey in Bye Bye Diapers

Personalized Birthday Books

My Birthday Wish
My Birthday Surprise

Educational and Safety Books

My First Day of School
My School Fun Book
My Trip to the Fire Station
Homer and Me
McGruff and Me
McGruff's Nephew Scruff
Little One Little One
No More Diapers
Bye Bye Diapers
School Is Fun
When I Grow Up
Let's Count on Sesame Street
ABC and Me on Sesame Street
African- American Heroes
Brush your Teeth Please
The Graduation Book

Personalized Books

Mother Goose
Little One Little One
Ballerina Princes
Ballerina Princes (different then above)
My Tea Party
Beauty and the Beast
Little Mermaid
The Big Parade
The Big Circus
The Train With No Name
Teddy Bear Land
When I Grow Up
Circus Star
Farm Animals
Dinosaur Land
Three Little Pigs
I Like Me

Personalized My Adventure Books

The Barnyard Mystery
My Farm Adventure
My Dinosaur Adventure
My Fishing Adventure
My Camping Adventure

Personalized Books About Sports

Tee Ball Is Fun
Baseball's Unsung Hero
The Sports Book
Goooal- Soccer Superstar
Football Star
Sports Superstar
My Fishing Adventure
My Camping Adventure
Sports Broadcast CDs

Presto Sticker Books

No More Diapers
My Birthday Wish
Flooty Hobbs
The Zoo is Blue
My Best Friend
The Little Mermaid
McGruff's Nephew Scruff
Advice from a Very Large Toad

Books with Popular Characters

Superman and Wonder Woman
X-Men Garfield
Let's Count on Sesame Street
ABC and Me on Sesame Street
Sesame Street - Bye Bye Diapers
Book and CD combination gift sets
Rare Discontinued Titles

Inspirational and Religious

Let Us Thank God
God's Special Gifts to Me
My Book of Prayers
God Loves Me
Jesus the Provider
Baby Jesus
My Easter Pageant
The Story of Christmas
Santa's Story

Personalized Books For Holidays

The Cottontail Mystery
My Easter Pageant
Santa's Story
My Christmas Wish
Seven Candles for Kwanzaa
The Magic Dreidel

Everyday Pop-Up Books

Puss and Boots

Deluxe Collector Series Pop-ups

Brush Your Teeth Please
Six Brave Explorers

Toddler Board Books

Picture Me Books

For Grown-ups
Gag-gift books

Baseballs Unsung Hero
My Golf Adventure
My Birthday Surprise
My Fishing Adventure
Our Wedding: the Bear Facts
Over the Hill....Bearly

Special Occasion Create-A-Books®

Wedding Memories
Mother's Day

Free coloring book pages
Home Run Against Drugs Coloring Pages

My Wedding Day Coloring Book Pages (Ebook)

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