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Order The Wubbles Adventure - Half Size Heroes Music CD


Our debut album in a series of action-packed, personalized adventure stories for children up to age 7, begins with the Half/Size Hero's saving the Wubbles, Bubbles with Wishes inside, from meanies that want to pop the Wubbles, the Poppits. The Wubbles Adventure features the child's name 53 times, is upbeat, energetic, and packed with exciting music and sounds bringing to life an experience a child can enjoy for years.

1) Alert, Alert!
2) Half Size Heroes
3) Captain Courage Calling
4) The Wubbles Song
5) Wanda's Welcome
6) Wanda's Workout
7) Bubbly Beautiful
8) Be Like a Bubble
9) Invasion of the Pop-Its
10)Stop It, You Pop-Its
11) The Bubbles Are Back
12) The Bubble Dance
13) You Did It
14) Half Size Heroes

The Wubbles Adventure - Half Size Heroes
Regularly Priced $19.95 - On sale only $17.95

Please check for the availability of your name before ordering.
You can hear samples using your child's name to make sure it is pronounced correctly.

Click here to check for your name and listen to samples.
If you don't see your name make sure to be sure check our other CDs or e-mail and ask us.

Child's Name:
Pronunciation (As shown on sample page):

First name will be printed on the first line on the CD label.
Up to 3 additional lines of text allowed for dedication message.

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