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This CD has great 10 original songs and 10 dialog tracks starring Barney and his friends.

1) Hello - dialog
2) Everyone Is Special - Song
3) Our Special Day - dialog
4) Bright New Day - Song
5) Laugh WIth Friends - dialog
6) Laugh With Me - Song
7) Can't Wait - dialog
8) You've Got To Be You - Song
9) Raindrops, Lemon Drops & Gumdrops - dialog
10) If All The Raindrops - Song
11) Thunderstorms - dialog
12) Rain Rain Go Away - Song
13) Let's Go Out And Play - dialog
14) Mr. Sun - Song
15) Hungry - dialog
16) Icy Creamy Ice Cream - Song
17) Play Another Song - dialog
18) Growing Big And Tall - Song
19) You're Very Special - dialog
20) I Love You - Song

Barney Music For Me CD
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